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About Daniella...

Daniella comes from a highly spiritual background - 3+ physical generations of herbalists and energy workers from the mother line- born with her clairaudience, clairscentience, minds eye clairvoyance, & empathic nature turned on high. All this in addition to her instant connection to her galactic heritage from a young age.

Though in a world dominated by unbalanced masculine energy- growing up with these abilities was not at all easy, fun, or fully understood, until she was in her late 20's.

As with most of you in this category, she has had to traverse her share of heroes journey challenges & experiences and walk the path of the 'wounded healer' – before being able to re-emerge to embrace her True Self and recognize her abilities to see, intuit, hear, and feel the energetic web of life as GIFTS instead of CURSES – inspiring her to teach others to do the same.

Daniella has spent the last 15+ years learning from the best, honing her etheric skill sets, adding to her tool kit of spiritual AND science-behind-the-spirit know-how to help teach others to walk their spiritual awakening journeys and healing wounded pasts with more grace, success, fearlessness, & ease.


My Philosophy

Listen up Light Fam.... We've Got Work To Do.


This is YOUR place to be if :

  • You've been SEARCHING for a way to keep up on all the topics the mainstream news doesn't talk about...

  • You're eager to get access to the BENEFITS of knowing of Ancient & Galactic Wisdom Secrets, & see the results in your own life...

  • You've been searching for a Community of people you can FINALLY call your Tribe to share, explore, and excavate new & exciting alternative ideas....

  • You want to wake up every day feeling you have the knowledge to EMPOWER your life with a fun, modern, practical perspective to ancient spiritual wisdom....

. . . So buckle up, hold on to your hats, keep your arms & legs inside the vehicle, and join me on an incredible journey together through the known & unknown as we seek truth, insight, create new tricks of the trade, and unlock new keys to an Awake & Aware Lifestyle.

I'll be your Lead Treasure Hunter, the Beauty with the Booty, your Archaeological Tour Guide to unearth the world's hidden secrets, forbidden topics, & suppressed knowledge. Keep your eyes open! I'll be sharing different uncovered treasures of truth, themes of wisdom you won't find in the mainstream narrative - cultivated with fun, actionable resources for you to apply this wisdom in everyday life.

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