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BBW Belly Dance
on Ko-Fi!

By a BBW for BBWs... and ALL bodies with a belly!!
Build confidence, positive body image, & release trauma with belly dance movement.

Why Join Us...

Experience your own explosive divine feminine power through movement and mindset practices!

Join your soul fam in the sacred dance circle through Ko-Fi (a patreon-like platform) where I will share with you the keys to decoding the process to building up positive body image & self confidence, releasing traumas, and creating emotional resilience.
All while we're moving, dancing, & creating positive experiences with our bodies by HAVING FUN!   

Movement allows us to give voice to the depth of feeling of our inner pains - we are actually acknowledging the hurt in a constructive way- not ignoring or stuffing down it's existence. And it's precisely this acknowledgement that frees us from being stuck repeating those cycles of emotional & mental trauma, their knee-jerk responses, & allows us to live life as our true selves - effortlessly.

Not only does dance boost physical self confidence & improve mental well-being - but it can also build stronger bones, muscle strength, balance, coordination, & flexibility; all the while being a low impact way to increase your cardio-respiratory health. (You'll physically FEEL better!!)

BBW BellyDance with SavannahShad0w is a unique online platform that serves to empower and bring together women of all shapes and sizes. Our classes are designed to boost your confidence, help you reconnect with your body, and learn to love and trust yourself again.

 We invite you to join us and discover an incredible journey of self-discovery,

empowerment and joy through dance!

Let me tell you a little story about why I'm  here for you today....

But you're STILL listening to all the BS garbage that tells you you're not!!
Stop torturing yourself QUEEN
- Once and for ALL!

Bottom line:

->Your mind and body feels better when....

-> you re-learn how to trust it to support you
-> re-learn to trust your body & un-learn all the BS you've been taught about yourself, the more secure with yourself you are
-> the more secure you are with your own self, the more your response to life and its' challenges changes
-> the more your responses change, the more you FINALLY get to enjoy life as yourself again! (Maybe even for the first time ever!)

Join us on Ko-Fi where you can access all of the tutorials, drills, classes, & so much more at your fingertips
- any time, anywhere!
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